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Women vs traumas

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Here for the women who have survived and come out the other end furious and spitting blood, also cheering for the ones who survived traumas and ended up softer and smaller and less brave, and the ones who refuses to deal with theirs and decide to keep running instead don't worry you'll get there sister no rush, let's not forget the ones in the middle of dealing with their trauma who cry on the floor one day and be invincible the next.... we deal with our pain however we want, there's no wrong way, you're doing your best.

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True, No such thing as handling it wrong

I second that


Yep exactly


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Hugs Sunflower... so true & you have no idea how much I needed to hear this. A majority of what I've been going through comes from the horrible trauma I went through as a child. Last night I even had a panic attack in the shower because of it. Right now I'm on my way to therapy... scheduled meeting... don't really want to go... but I want to get healthy more. Yes, most days are a battle... but we will win this war. Love to you & everyone else who is dealing with trauma.💛

It's definitely a battle, one that can't be won easily or by ourselves, that's why our loved ones should be supportive and a good therapist is necessary so you should keep going Mel even when you don't feel like it, wishing you a great year better than last year sweetie

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Do not forget the ones who come out to the other side, sometimes still crying(tears are a good cleanser) feeling victorious(even when met with challenges because you have won and you know it with your bad self), you are stronger, determined, and ready to finish the race. 💕, sounds great Danielle, feeling encouraged.

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Yes we shouldn't forget about those either, tears cleanse the soul, we're definitely strong people 😚😚

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The word of God says that God collects our tears in a bottle. They are not wasted. I know you were speaking to the women who are still struggling but I just did not want us to forget the one’s who like Paul (in the Bible) declares that he did not say that he had made it, but this he does, forgetting the things from behind and pressing forward to the high calling which is in Christ Jesus he runs the race that has been set before him. I think when our mind sets change everything else is sure to follow.

This writing is brilliant my friend. Love to you ❤️

Starrrrrrrrr hey sweetheart 💙💙💙

Hiya amazing you 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

❤ I can't find a big enough heart to post. ❤

Hey love 💜💙💚💛

Happy new year

Thank you, beautiful danielle. To you, too. 💖

Thanks for sharing this post because I have a lot of childhood trauma and that’s

where all my anxiety and depression come from and I start cry and get mad and get

anxious is a fighting battle because as a kid I was taught not to say a word so I came everything in and act like I was

alright and all of it came back in my adult adult years 10x worse and I self medicate

with alcohol to numb my feelings because I didn’t want to feel anything

I can relate, i always kept everything in till it everything came falling down on me, it took forever to get me to open up to my therapist, with the alcohol that's not who you are anymore you're doing so much better sweetie, how did the doctor visit went

That’s what happen to me everything came falling down on me too. And I couldn’t take

it no more. They running a lot of different tests on me again waiting on the results to

come back. He sending me to a woman doctor next week to get a full check up

and am just praying everything comes back negative but I know am going through

premenopausal and migraines now I been having like for years but never got the pain

just the flashing lights and etc but now I get the throbbing and pulsating at the

back of my head the doctor said am having server migraines and my other doctor want

Me to start physical therapy soon for my neck he said is going to help with the migraines.

How have u been doing?

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