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So I’m writing it here in the hope that i follow through. Tomorrow I will call my therapist who i have not seen in about 3 years, maybe more. SHe was semi retired then, so what do i do if she is no longer working?. It took several trials before i found someone who was a good fit for me. the anticipation of the first appointment will cause some anxiety that i hope to handle for knowing it will help in the long run. Wish me luck.

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Oh I know just how you feel searching for someone can be so stressful but so worth it. One step at a time, make the first phone call and stress about next step when it gets here. Luck and prayers for you!

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Thanks. I shall try and be accountable and report back on results....

Best of luck! It’s hard to reach out and I understand the anxiety that goes with it... I just reached out to a therapist for the first time in a while myself. You can do it! It’s worth it in the end because you can feel pride knowing that you are fighting to understand yourself a little bit better.

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