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Hello, I have just joined your group. I had anxiety for the first time in 2017 when I traveled with my husband and two kids to Central America. I was paralyzed for a day, no eating, no sleeping extremely uncomfortable and incapable of taking care of my kids.

And the anxiety came back 6 weeks ago after getting Gastro along with all my family members. I had to be hospitalized because I passed out twice. After that everyone kept on getting sick, I got food poisoning and throat infection. And one of my sons got two double ear infection and bronchitis. I basically started getting hyper vigilant about everything. And being hypersensitive. It’s been a week that I have anxiety every day and to leave the room and go handle it. Today I was at the restaurant with my kids and my husband and I was so uncomfortable, I had a hard time breathing, my stomach was cramping and stopped myself from bursting into tears twice. I took 2 bites of my meal. We left quickly thankfully and I went back home and was able to regain control after 2 hours. This is all very new to me.

The worst about it right now is not knowing how I’m going to feel tomorrow or in one hour. I don’t feel in control at all.

I downloaded the app Woebot a week ago and it has been very helpful...I used it in the restaurant today and helped a lot. You are basically chatting with a robot that helps people with anxiety or depression. So I thought that perhaps exchanging with people who are living the same thing as me might be helpful! And happy new year!

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Hello Jude. Go to a functional medicine doctor. They are regular MDs with more experience and they treat the cause of your disease, not the symptoms. Maybe you all got a virus or a parasite or something when you travelled to Central America. If it's a parasite I recommend Dr. Jay Davidson who is a chiropractor but knows a lot about paradise and he recommends Mimosa Pudica Seed to get rid of the parasites. (Before using it you have to make sure you are not constipated). He also knows about Lyme disease. Dr. Nuzum is a Naturopathic Doctor and he's good too. Dr. Mark Hyman is a functional family medicine doctor. Dr. Daniel Amen is a functional psychiatrist. If you have the money to go and see him he will do a SPECT scan of your brain which is something that almost no other psychiatrist does. And based on the results and other things he'll tell you what you need to do with supplements, food, etc. He has had programs on public television as well as doctors Hyman and Myers. Dr. Myers is an emergency room doctor but now specializes in the thyroid and also on autoimmune issues (she practices functional medicine also). You can buy their books, get them at the library or go to their websites and also find information on the internet. I hope this helps. Currently PBS is running Dr. Hyman's and Dr. Amen's programs in my city.

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