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We get to start again anew, a coming year of happiness too.

Time goes by so quickly let the coming year be one that you find balance,

A sense of peace, and contentment. A message sent to you with love in hopes,

That the year is good to you and yours. May you find prosperity and joy every day this year.

May all the blessings of the Lord be yours in abundance in the new year!

May your life be blessed as you see God bring forth new things in the coming year. .

May your positive actions & attitude inspire others. May you be brave enough to take on and overcome

rewarding challenges. May you find yourself in high spirits & excellent health. May you love with all your

heart and find peace in even the most turbulent of times

24 Replies

This year is my year. I can feel it.😁

Girl preach

This picture is beautiful

Thank you🙌🏾

May this year be amazing stress free for you hun

Thank you 🙏🏾

Such beautiful words, thank you. You are such a lovely caring person and I really hope you have a very happy new year and I look forward to being able to support each other through the coming year. X

tamka38 in reply to Catwoman2018

Awwww, thank you that means a lot to me.

You’re amazing woman too. And I pray the New Year

And the whole year u be bless and am here for u always.

Thank you, happy new year

You’re welcome and Happy New Year’s too u too

Happy New Year Tamka. May 2019 bring you everything you desire.

Am praying this year be different than last year

I think we all are. I wish I could forget 2018 but since I can’t I am going to accept it for what it was and try to move forward.

U right am praying for all of us, to have a

Bless year full of good health and peace

Of mind

Thank you for your post the words where really strong and true best wishes for 2019

tamka38 in reply to Celtic27

Thank u and the same to you

Thank you tamka for sharing such a beautiful post.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year! It's a new

start for all of us. xx

tamka38 in reply to Agora1

Awwww, You’re welcome Agora1 thank u for always

Being here for me and listening to all my complaints

and worry’s and u never once Judge me and I really

Happy to be apart of this site and I appreciate you

And I wish u the best of 2019


Happy new year, beautiful!!! Xoxoxo

tamka38 in reply to Hidden

Awwww, thank you beautiful lady,wishing u the best of

The new year with good health and peace for u and

Baby boy 🤗😘

That's beautiful tamka and same to you! I hope your doing well today. I love you! Keep up the good fight.

tamka38 in reply to aaronm

You’re welcome and thank u too and love u I hope you’re feeling well too. And I will keep fighting

Thank you. Happy New Year.

tamka38 in reply to Teaching

You’re welcome and thank you

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