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Making doors when there are none

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I've been shaping the world around me to how I want it to be. I am now becoming the change I want to see. Fear is loosing the battle as I am pushing it back to where it belongs.

I may soon be getting the job I wanted so bad of working at a gym for a living. I am working on getting certified as a personal trainer and I got a call today if I could go in for an interview next week to start out as a manager assistant. Despite the drive I am willing to do this because this to me is worth dying for. I like getting out of town, meeting people, and helping change lives. So this will be everything I always wanted. All I have to do is get through the interview first. Today I also reconnected with friends, family, and God. I felt in the moment and very well and alive. I inhaled and just watched the blue skies in the middle of December while listening to some epic acoustic music in the background. It was my form of meditation. Perhaps one of the more interesting things was having a nice conversation with a girl I've been crushing on for a long time now. There's always being this sort of thing there but since we rarely see each other and we both have busy lives it just hasn't gotten passed a few exchange of words. But one thing is for sure that there has always been some sort of chemistry. I told her I would bring her some tamales tomorrow and she seemed very intrigued. She accepted my offer without hesitation. Maybe it's time to ask her out. The worst that can happen is she saying no, but I think it's worth knowing for sure. You only die once right? I am starting to believe that sometimes we have to make our own doors when there are none.

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Great Post Eduardo...Such positivity in every sentence. That's good to see. :)

Always go after what you want in life. You have nothing to lose. It works for

a career that you want as well as relationships. When we don't, we spend the

rest of our lives wondering what might have been.

You've reached a good point in your life now. I wish you well with your interview

next week as well as asking this girl out. You've come a long way and I'm proud

of you. :) x

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