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Just some appreciation for all the Poets here!!! 🥰🥰🥰

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Thank you do much for all the people who post poems on here recently!!! Sometimes I just sit and read through them with my morning or even cup of coffee/tea ! My mornings are filled with anxiety before class so this helps to calm me.

I really enjoy it so thanks guys!!!

You’re all sooooooo talented and I hope you’re aware of that! You help make my mornings happier x (can someone tell me how I can tag all the poem posters here)

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Click on their specific names and it brings up all their posts with their picture. Right under their picture click follow.

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Thanks AaronM

Hey you’re the best poet out of all of them hehe!!!

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If being funny makes me the best then I accept the compliment. If some kind of creativity and insightful thought is required then I know your full of bologna! Hahaha


Hey, I write many, many poems I don't post. I can send them to you direct if you want. Ask on my pm. Okay?


Poetry is great for the soul! To be read or to be written.. I am new here but just stumbled upon your post!

Here is a poem to have with your coffee :)


Poems here poems there

Here they are, my thoughts I share..

Words that come and words that go

Write them down for all to know..

Look inside to see what's there

Like them not I do not care..

Glimpse inside for you might find

A hint of you there in my mind..

Coded secrets that I might share

I'll keep it simple I'll keep it fair..

A time a place I've held on to

Once of him and once of you..

Scribbles from a frazzled brain

Was light then dark then pouring rain..

Faces come faces go

Up so high then down so low..

Memories bring the past to life

A child a girl a happy wife..

Seeing things I shouldn't see

Stuck in there the memory..

Pen to paper write it down

Mental block I start to frown..

Staring at a page so white

Eyes get sore turn off the light..

Crumpled papers on the floor

Done for now I close the door..

Crawl into bed and close my eyes

Haunted visions of sad goodbyes..

Dreamed the dreams I always do

The one with him and the one with you.


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