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I've reached the bottom

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My co-worker shouted at me and mistreated me. She's been constantly doing that, and i got sick, tired and lost motivation to go to work. Today she went over the top, her words were mean and she slammed the cupboard door hard and got me scared. Only because i couldn't help her with the kids because i was not feeling okay. All i do is cry, my entire face is swollen and my headaches got even worse. How can someone be so mean towards another?. Yes, yes, i talked to my boss several times about this episode, she talked to me and Said for me to hang in there since it's almost the end of the year. And this co-worker is pregnant so she won't get fired. But on the other hand i want to be fired, i have been stressful, losing hair and my face have aged, and im only 20. Today i cried my eyeballs out because of the humiliaton she caused me. I am beat and i dont know what else to do.

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I’m going through the same thing girl, it’s definitely not fun it’s a constant battle in my head saying should I keep going or do I quit? We must push through and not let these people get to us because that’s what they are trying to do! Some people are so miserable it’s sad so they put it out on everyone else, it’s not you’re fault! Remember that :)

Hi so sorry you are dealing with this. Would you be able to find a job better than the one you have?... well I guess only doing it will tell... sounds like this one is too hard on you. I would start looking for a job now even if you decide to stay, just to have one to try out if needed. No matter which you choose we are all rooting for you!

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