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What are you grateful for?


I am grateful that my body is healthy so I can run each day; it really helps me.

I am grateful for my family and friends here who give support again and again when I forget the great stuff of life.

I am grateful for God’s beauty of nature.

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I am grateful for the food in my house.

Love ya bunches! Have a joy filled day!

Peace, light, joy & hugs!

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Peace light joy hugs to you! 💕

Hi 👋🏻 what a great question!

I'm grateful for my beautiful children, no matter what way I'm feeling they love me unconditionally ☺️

I'm grateful for having a roof over my head and food in my fridge 💗

I'm also grateful for my family / friends for their support and patience with me during difficult times...

Sending you lots of good vibes 💗Peace & love! ✌🏼❤

Good vibes((((((((((((((( with peace and love to you 💕

I'm greateful for the rain. I love rain and it rained last night. And for all the support here, the feeling that we are not alone.


You are pluviophile like me. It rained last night here too. 💕 have a beautiful day!

Yes!!! It makes me feel peaceful and I think it's beautiful. Thank you. Have a nice day you too 💕

That’s so nice, yes it is beautiful you are right! I love the way lights look in the rain. I feel sheltered by the rain, from people.

Yes! The light looks kind of magical. Me too, safe from the people!! 💕

💕 how are you doing Amabelizzrio?

I've been doing good, this week I "ran away" from people, and isolated myself. It was good! I needed sometime. I'm sorry for taking too long to answer and thanks for caring. How are you Starrlight?! I wish you a great week 😊

Hiya Amabelizzario!!! 😃 so good to read you! I understand about escaping the busyness and people, it just gets to be too much sometimes. It’s healthy to get away and my fav place is out in nature. I’m doing well. I’m ready for my farm trip with my family today, an exciting trip! I hope you have a beautiful day filled with peace and joy!

Wow!!! So you are are running away too. It's a good way to start the week. I really recharge when I'm out in nature as well. I hope you have a great time like I did. Have a safe trip, and great getaway!

I wish lots of love for you beautiful family 💕

Awww thank you so much for your love 💕 love backatchya my friend!!!

Grateful for my friends here & my new friend I meet in IOP. I'm struggling rrally bad & having people who've been there checking on me means a lot.

Starrlight in reply to melbrown

❤️ (((((((((Mel))))))))) ❤️ I am so glad you have a lot of support. I know what you mean, it really means a lot doesn’t it!? Blessings to you, lovely 😊

Hope you are well today my friend

Everything..hugs to you.

Starrlight in reply to ellinaki

Oooooo nice one Ellinaki! Hugs backatchya

an extended weekend with only one kid here....

Break time! Nice.

I’m grateful that I’m getting over my sickness and will get to take my kiddos to the farm tomorrow!!!


Grateful for my son, my family, my few good friends, for the times I feel happy and calm, for being able to go back to exercising, for starting to lose weight to improve my health, for my work and for the beach. ☀️

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

I love yours so much Photo50!

I am greatful for everything I have. Whenever I go-to a temple, I don't wish for anything, as I already have enough which many people don't have .

Starrlight in reply to Redfox9

So great! I admire you. How inspiring

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