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Still haven’t started


Hey friends I know y’all are sick of me. I just can’t seem to bring myself to take Lexapro. I’ve seen so many mixed reviews and my anxiety and depression is mild but I know I need some help. Today wasn’t too bad which makes me think I can do this on my own but I’m still so anxious. Basically my anxiety is getting in the way of something that can potentially help me.

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deeaire, it's okay that you haven't started Lexapro yet. You're right in that it may be the one med that will offer you the relief you so need. However, you have to be ready to take it w/o any reservations. When you're ready, you will know the time is right. xx

I totally get that way after reading reviews. Especially if there mixed. I always try to remember that it's different for everyone with side effects and all. If I need it or think it'll help I just do it and hope for the best.

I went the first 37 years of my life without antibiotics. Had trouble breathing for weeks wasnt getting better own its own. Finally broke down and went to urgent care. Said I had bronchitis gave me some antibiotics. Worried about the side effects but winded up being okay. I had to take 3 different kinds to. I couldn't do anything for 2 months. It was the worst I've ever been sick.

What are you thinking about?

Hey, deeaire, I had very similar thoughts before I started medication. I had a whole array of reservations: I didn't want to be dependent on it, I thought I could do it on my own, etc. I'm very happy that I actually started, but it took me until I hit my breaking point to actually start. I don't want to lead you either way, but it could be worth a try. Remember that you can always try it (although it takes months to see the effects) and stop if it's the wrong choice. You can also try smaller steps first (like cognitive behavioral therapy, a counselor, etc.) One step at a time!

Take your doctors advice.

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