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Woke up with a headache and as I was massaging my scalp I found a small movable lump. My brain convinced me that it’s a tumor or a lipoma maybe? I’ve never noticed this but I have noticed my vision become a bit blurry and always watery along with my balance I just chucked it up to anxiety. The lump is on the middle left part of my head. And idea what I this could be?! 😖

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Hi deeaire, I have long hair and can get that from time to time. A clogged hair follicle that will take care of itself. Try not to read into the vision or balance being more than anxiety. xx

I have a lump there as well. It's just a little Pilar cyst. :-) Just have your doctor give it a feel the next time you see them to ease your mind. I'm sure it's nothing.

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