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Tips to calm down in the moment?


Hi everyone,

So I have been working on my budding anxiety and depression, on Zoloft which has been seeming to help a bit along with thinking positive as much as I can. I do feel I am getting better but still have moments where anxiety and or sadness overwhelms me. I do work with a counselor but I wanted to know from you guys - what do you do to calm yourself down in these moments? Any exercises that you have found work well for you to take control of a sudden overwhelming wave of anxiety? The sadness I just tend to brush off but the anxiety seems more difficult to control. What works for you all? Thanks!!

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Hi megc7, in the moments of overwhelming anxiety or flood of negative thoughts, I use Mindfulness Meditation & Deep Breathing which can be found on YouTube. 1 - 5 minutes can be beneficial in switching the channel in your brain and cutting off the supply of extra adrenaline running through your body.

The best thing is to use this tool before the anxiety has a chance to get out of control. With practice, you can achieve a peace of mind and body fairly quickly. Also turning to the forum for support and understanding helps make you feel less alone. Stay Positive :) xx

megc7 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much! I have tried meditation on and off and haven’t been able to stick with it. But I find that if I force myself to do things to feel better then it works and becomes a habit - I will try this out, thanks!!

Agora1 in reply to megc7

Please do try the Mindfulness Meditation megc since it's purpose is to put you into the Present Moment. Afterall this is all we have. The past is gone, the future is unpredictable. We only have this present moment and that's where we want to be.

Meditation takes practice however using short videos by typing in 1 min meditation...

up to 5 minutes will not make your mind wander and will be easier for you to follow through it's guidance. A few of the speakers who are soothing are Jason Stephenson, The Honest Guys, Michael Seeley etc. The voice and slow pace of the guidance of the speaker is important in calming your every thought and every muscle in your body.

Breathe meg xx

Im on sertraline, buspirone and i walk everyday to help with my anxiety its works sometimes but i still have my waves of anxiety.....

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