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Hello All, This is my first time on this site. I am trying to overcome depression since being diagnosed Feb 2017 and I have been on different medications. Today I looked on-line because I feel like a ball of emotions and am lashing verbally at my finance. I don't want to but it just happens. I trap myself in a box in my head. If anyone feels similar or has some feedback I would be greatly appreciative.

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Hi, this is my first time on this website too. I also lash out at my spouse and feel incredibly guilty afterwards. It is so hard for me to explain how I feel and I end up bottling everything until I explode like a shaken soda. Hugs.


Welcome to the site. <3 I'm with both of y'all, I also lash out at my boyfriend, mother, whoever is around that loves me. Sometimes I'm fine, & sometimes I'm not. I hope you're okay & I hope you feel happy here. Don't be afraid to reach out to me or any of us if you wanna talk, vent, or whatever. We're all here for you. <3

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