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Hard to handle

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Hey everyone,

i have never gotten help for my anxiety but i feel like it would be good to talk because i feel alone. I recently got out of a 10 year relationship and am dating again. My mind goes wild with my bf on am i good enough, and worried he doesnt take me as a serious gf. I have spoken to him about it and he reassures me i have nothing to worry about by my anxiety comes and i spiral back down again...

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Anxiety is always a part of life. It’s when it interferes with our day to day living that it becomes a problem. It sounds like you are dealing with some insecurities brought about from the end of your ten year relationship. I think anyone would feel a little insecure after losing a ten year relationship. Keep communicating with your new boyfriend. With time as your new relationship blossoms your insecurities will go away. Enjoy your new relationship don’t second guess it.

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thank you for your time to help me. I definitely am insecure and I am working or trying to work on enjoying what I have. practicing letting things go and taking a deep breath. 😊

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No one is perfect. As long as you keep trying things will work out.

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