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Rise of the Sakura Empire (Part 1)


Hey all! Brian here! I wanted to share some more previews of a new game being ready for release called Azur Lane. I'll be posting one a day during this week. If you think it looks interesting, head over to azurlane.yo-star.com/#/ to learn more! This can be a way for us to both fight depression as well have fun in a game environment!

Next up.....The Sakura Empire (aka The Imperial Japanese Navy)

Kaga-class aircraft carrier HIJMS Kaga

I am the Aircraft Carrier Kaga of the 1st Carrier Division, Kaga.

I was built to be a battleship, but fate has made me a standard aircraft carrier. Enemies? I kill them. It's not my interest, but my duty. Understood?

Fairness and justice belong to the strong, while the weak can only weep in a corner.

Tomorrow...…………...Ironblood Rising!

Your friend,

Brian :)

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