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The Truth


I come from an abusive family. My mother is a monster and my dad don't care about me. My mother had 4 kids. I was the big brother, 2 sisters, 1 brother. I protect everyone I had to be the father figure, mother figure, I Basically raise my brother and sisters. Me and my brother and sisters didn't get along but I protected them and raise them.

My mother would hit me, call me out of my name, call me a loser, talk bad about me, she would get so angry that she didn't know how to calm down. I remember when I was 10 or 12. my mother was dating my brother and sisters dad, they would have this thing where they break up and makeup. me and him got into an argument about food and bills we started fighting and then he was choking me and throw me out of the window. and then he ran away. I was cover in blood and I couldn't move, went back into the house my mother and brother and sister they stood there and did nothing. as I got older my mother change and I did not want to trust her, my brother and sisters turn their back on me. I remember one night I was getting myself something to eat he saw me walking back from white castle. My brother and sister dad we got into another fight I had the upper hand and then he pushes me off the bridge and I landed in the river and grab a big tree and paddle to shore.

My love life didn't exist. Many women call me a freak, ugly, made fun of me, bully me and much more. NO women didn't want to date me because I was an outcast.

Every time I open up people judge me and see me difference. I taught myself how to be a man, respect women, don't hit women, pay bills, do the right thing, keep food in the in the house and much more.

I taught myself how to survive, face my problem and to keep moving forward, I to a better future.

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So sorry you had to endure those things in the past. You sound incredibly brave and strong. Keep looking forward. Wishing you peace.

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thank you

Hi zeld, thank you soooo much for sharing this story. So much abuse, non of which you deserved all of which is living on today. You clearly learned some lessons that need to be unlearned. I’m not judging you and I don’t want to add my experiences here because this post is about you. I have a similar story, not about raising siblings. You have overcome so much and no doubt you will be able to get beyond how you view yourself. My grandfather would kiss himself in the mirror everyday ( old Italian guy) I’m not there but I certainly think about this everyday. I hope to get to know you more, it sounds like your in the same area as me ( White Castle land) thank you for opening up here, please listen to all of the replies you get, we all have a common goal that is to help each other, without judgement.

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