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how to help a person with depression


Hello everyone my name is valerie. My spouse deals with depression which is really bad. There is days where he is happy and days that he is anger, sad, hopeless, etc. its affecting his ability to work. He close himself in and becomes antisocial, we recently moved to FL from PA. and this is all new to me. I thought coming here to the sunshine state will help him out, but that is not the outcome. Any suggestions on how to help him out. He is seeking help and started to continue his meds but is not liking the side effect. Any help on how to deal with someone that is dealing with this disorder?

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have them go outside on the park or something they have enjoyed in the past. just walk or some sort of routine is always helpful, at least my part. I know when I am down my husband makes me go on these walks in the park and sometimes that's all I need to feel even just a little better. you are wonderful for seeking advices and learning about what's going on with your significant other. not whole lot of people would do that for the other person. :)

has your partner been in therapy or are they on anti-depressants. First thing to know is this is no ones fault...and this disease is a chemical imbalance ...there doesn't have to be a reason why your sad or's because of the disease that this happens....he may not even understand all of what's happening.. the emotional roller coaster is typical, the highs and can be managed though, there is no cure...but you can learn to live life with this disease...but you can't do it very well in my opinion,...alone. You can get learn from others here who have posted and commented, and it will give you a wealth of information that doesn't come in the dictionary' may give you and your partner a better understanding of what your dealing with.

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