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Thoughts today


Some days you can not meditate or it does not work. You just can not relax and thoughts take you away every second. We don’t have to get upset because of that. We can just try to practice mindfulness, and it is not the same thing as meditation( as I thought before). Mindfulness is just being aware of what is going on this particular moment. I can tell myself: I can not relax, I am now thinking I am thinking that, I feel burning in my chest because of this thought, etc.

This is ok not to be able to relax, let not judge ourselves, no need to fight all feelings and thoughts, just be aware of them.

At the same time if we master mindfulness ( gradually, over period of time) we would notice beautiful things around us when we can relax a little. Like that: I was walking this morning outside and I saw beautiful flowers and even made a few pictures for myself of them. It was a short moment which took my worries and heavy thoughts away but this moment was mine and I cherish it.

Love you all, wish you a nice day with less axiety and depression but with moments of joy relaxation mindfulness ... even if a few moments would happen today - would be great for us.

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Your post falls from heaven for me!

It’s exactly what I need now. Thank you!

Anxiety builds up fast within my chest. I have huge headache, strong sleepiness, thoughts of coming danger, of course completely unknown to me. I feel my bell tight and legs ... melting. I feel terribly awful!

And I’m searching in my head, where is this coming from? What is it that I’m afraid or stressed about? I’m worrying! I’m really really scared!

Thank you for this post, it is very important to me.

You are in pain today, please take it easy, don’t judge yourself, just do breathing and may be walking a little(if this helps you, it helps me, but we all are different).

It helps me to say to myself: it is not good day today, it is ok, I will do what I can but I would not fight what I feel.

Try that. And I am sending you positive energy. Hugs.

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I do hate that you’re feeling bad today Orangeblossom. You may not be able to figure out what’s causing your anxiety, but maybe you could just treat the symptoms today. Try not to be afraid! Your anxiety is working on you. Maybe you need rest and attempted relaxation. Did you have a busier day than usual yesterday? It’s ok to feel below par for today. Be good to yourself! Thinking of you...

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