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My poor brain is beating the crap out of itself!


I had a minor car incident, everything’s ok. But not my brain. This app deleted my whole post... I just closed it for a minute. 👏 it was a rant. I’m very emotional today, it’s a good thing people aren’t around me to see the whining. But all I want is someone I can be vulnerable and comfortable with. I’m completely alone. 😪

I’m going to get through this day. If my phone would charge faster I’d be at the gym already.


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Hey, can i help?

Are you taking any antidepressants?

I take paxyl 40 mm for my panic attacks and it works for me.

How long have you been like this?


Whine away!! We all have those days. The question is whether you can pick yourself back up by tomorrow and move more towards the positive things in life! I’m sorry that you’re having a bad day. I know how upsetting accidents can be no matter how small. Hopefully you can start your day over or start fresh tomorrow!

Hi! Anxiety and depression are common. Please don't beat your self up about it. We all have had hard days. Try to remember that tomorrow can be different. If you need someone to talk to consider a pastor or counselor. They will listen and give good advice. Most importantly, don't stay in this alone. People care and want to help you. You are in my prayers!


Even a minor car accident is startling and literally a jolt. Hope you are feeling better and know that you can come here any time to rant. Admire you for going to a gym. I sure need to!

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