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Happiness, where are you?


Hey I just made an account. I go to therapy and take medication for depression. I try to do all the things I’m supposed to do to feel better, but I don’t feel happy. There’s no reason for me to be sad. I have a family that loves me, wonderful friends, I’m doing well in college, and am in a committed loving relationship. I know I have a good life but I just don’t feel it. And I’m tired of complaining to my friends because I don’t like burdening them. But also even though they try to make me feel better, they don’t exactly know how to help. So I guess I thought I’d give this a shot

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Welcome. I get what you are saying in your post. This is a place that you can feel comfortable. Not all my friends would understand plus guys just don't talk about feelings. It is a good place to vent, ask questions, or talk about good things.

Isn't happiness found on that little dirt road outside Albuquerque? lol

Welcome to our little community Turtle :) Never be afraid to share here. We're here to support each other and to rally around those who are struggling. If you ever need to vent or just talk, we're here to listen! :)

A friend,

Brian :)

Hi littleturtle, welcome! Give yourself time. Give therapy a try. It may help a lot. I hate going when I need to but I do feel better eventually. They will help you with some coping skills. Sounds like you have good things in your life. Write them down and focus on them. I don't just mean your loving family and relationships either. You have a roof over your head, clean water to drink, all your arms and legs, everything!! Depression for a lot of us is a chemical imbalance. Its not your fault. We need help sometimes. Keep up the fight.

Hi littleturtle, sometimes it is obvious to see where depression stems from. Other times, life is as perfect as it can be and yet depression hangs over us like a dark cloud no matter what we do. Depending how long you have been in therapy and on medication, I might suggest that you speak with your prescribing doctor regarding your medication. If you have been on it for a therapeutic length of time, possibly you may need a higher dose, a switch in meds or an additional med. I agree with Lyn842 in that with a chemical imbalance , medication is the way to go.

I'm glad you found this forum. You will find others with the same issue as you are dealing with. Hopefully it will make you not feel so alone as well as give you the support you need in sharing each others journeys. We welcome you with open arms. :) xx

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