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Morning y’all and happy July fourth. Stay safe and enjoy.

How is everyone?

I know mornings can be rough but we can overcome it together

What I want to ask everyone is, how does your family, friends or especially spouses deal with your depression anxiety memory loss fatigue loss of love, interest to do things, not to participate in family functions or whatever else?

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I’m doing well this morning actually, thanks! Hope you are as well. So happy to be off of work today.

My friends are generally very supportive-sometimes I feel like I can talk to some of them more easily than my parents, or they won’t be as bothered. But I’m not as anxious for the most part when I’m with them.

My family is the same way-really supportive, but some people get it more than others. My dad can be a real pain and is sometimes totally blind to my anxiety or how bad/legit it is -you’ll probably hear about him a lot. 🙄 😂

I’m very lucky and appreciate that not everyone has such a big support system. I hope you don’t take my answer as bragging, just honesty.

Have a great day. ❤️❤️

Fishmonster, you couldn't have asked a better question for those who live with anxiety/depression. As if it isn't bad enough to impact our own lives, it spills over on those around us. Friends fall by the wayside after time. Have always felt like the phantom daughter, sister, cousin, aunt...that people stopped asking where I was and just assumed I wouldn't be there.

I've missed many family events in my life because I choose my fear of anxiety over doing things that should have been most important to me. Your question made me reflect on what I missed in life as I now go to the cemetery to say goodbye to my family. x

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