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Anxiety/panic attacks


I have only been having npanic attacks for around 2 months. I have them daily. There is nothing that triggers them. I've learned to know when it's coming bit nothing I do will stop it. I have never felt such a feeling of sadness in my life...and all I can do is cry. They usually start with the feeling of someone sitting on me then the choking then the tears. I take Welbutrin 1x day and Buspar 4 times a day.

Does anyone have a way to stop them before they become ful blown melt downs?

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Unfortunately, there's not a one-size-fits-all solution to panic attacks or anxiety. It takes some trial and error to find the coping skills that work best for you. I find that physically moving, going for a barefoot walk so I can ground myself, really helps. I have a stand-up desk at work so if I feel the tension building up, I move my desk up so I can kind of pace around while I work. Just that little movement helps. Sometimes essential oils work (lavender or peppermint for me), sometimes I turn on something funny (like James Corden videos) so I can laugh and get my brain out of panic mode. Sometimes breathing exercises work. Try a bunch of things and hopefully you'll figure out which coping skills work best for you.

Hey I also struggle with panic attacks and they are the absolute worst I’m sorry you’re struggling. One thing that helps me is to not fight them, when I feel them coming on I try to repeat a mantra in my mind like “I can handle whatever life throws my way-i can handle whatever life throws my way...” and I also tell myself “bring it on it’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before” and it is like an instant relief becuz I feel like taking the power away from the attack is everything. It’s not like a magical cure but it has helped me. Just remember it will pass and you can get through this. You are a powerful being and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sorry you’re struggling I wish you peace of mind and all the best . And just know you’re not alone!!!!

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