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Mentally well enough to go back to school, i did not miss Uni at all

Im one of those people who requires a lot of Alone time in order to function properly so i usually disappear for a long period of time to reset my brain before i go crazy. Apart from my parents i usually want everyone to leave me alone and since i do it so often my friends have learned not to take it personal and wait for me to come back to humanity. Therapy is going surprisingly well, I'm actually sleeping like regular folks, less blackouts and going back to school

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Hi I get you as I have always been the same. I think it's the strain of trying to appear normal to others as well as a brain that gets overloaded really easily. I find a great way for me to relax is to have an hours kip in the early evening before I go out or even stay in as this quietens my head down like a miracle. I have been doing this for most of my life. x


Me too!

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I usually cut all ties with the outside world just my parents until im recharged. I do it often so people have learned not to get offended when i ignore them


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