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Existential anxiety

Out of no where I have been having obsessive existential thoughts and it gives me anxiety. I’m always thinking about why we are all here and how. It’s a pretty terrifying feeling bc it makes me feel unfamiliar with myself and even family and friends. Sometime I listen to myself speak while having a conversation and analyze my voice and it sounds unfamiliar to me. Has anyone experienced this before?

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Pondering the big picture excessively is right up my alley, along with thinking about how many people/animals are suffering somewhere every day...its overwhelming


That's a thought I often have. Thinking about people and animals suffering and dying. Make's me feel sick.

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Yes! It is terrifying. If you feel yourself doing it, try to think about something else. The deeper you get into it, the worse you'll feel. Try to occupy yourself with doing something, like drawing, writing, walking, a movie, music, ect.


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