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Delete Facebook


I'm going to state this ahead of time; I killed my Facebook way before this political garbage and I was onto the scheme of FB Messanger as soon as it forced itself upon us.

I recently deleted my facebook account after spending years of being unfufilled by it's intended purpose when it began (2004). After the gates opened up to everyone outside of college I ended up with a lot of snoopers and narcissistic "friends" who ended up ruining the platform because they didn't grow up with it.

When facebook started in 2004, it was a place where you met up with people and planed actual get togethers and it was constructive. These days social media makes me feel completely empty inside, straining to entertain my "friends" in a last ditch effort to establish a dialog.

it's also now frowned upon to meet new people on Facebook these days because everyone sees what your doing and there is no sense of privacy. People can literally setup a notification linked directly to your activity; which is fine, except when your auntie makes it her life's work to gossip to everyone about your relationships online. It's unavoidable to get caught up in the net, since she can see that you are friends with her daughter, or brother, etc.

Good luck separating your life from Facebook, especially if you've been using it to share or retain photos of your life for more than a decade. Most people don't keep ALL their photos on a computer anymore; especially since smartphones have taken over and nudge you into social media apps for retaining those documents.

Now that I'm off Facebook I feel much less pissed-off/depressed that I'm wasting my time probing the web for a heartbeat. But, I also see the gravity of what's happened to our society. The social silence is still very deafening; but, I can see that it's because they are sucked into social media to the point to where they are completely destracted by the real world just outside their smartphone screens. That's what I call, sucking at life. WAKE UP!

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I have certifications in network security, yep....I've actually NEVER had a facebook page, and yes....I use safeguards....but once you click onto a web photo, you could have downloaded an adware spybot to be data mined. You don't have to just open an email anymore....just visiting a site where you get tagged with a third party cookie puts your data out there. Anything you do on line can never be really deleted. It goes into the cloud of data forever. So use a VPN, a WebRTC leak preventer, good firewall, antivirus,spyware and malware cleaners and always update your security measures. But most importantly of all.....back up your data on an external hard drive....

If you cannot live without your facebook, at least do this: go to 'the complete guide to facebook privacy' it's on Wired magazine website:

Surf safe! smart, nothings for free, and all those cute little apps and games for free, are never free, you usually agree to a right to privacy exemption in the fine print of an agreement to be able to play on-line or download them....

What an insightful post. I am old, and never got into that world, but how nice that you are providing that information.

All my applications/extetions are a free extension or add-on with any browser....I use Opera...and Firefox, both have free VPNs and the WebRTC leak preventer....the latter tells you what data your ISP is showing any website you go to, like meta data that is encrypted on a photo you might post. That can show your location, is on type of camera you used, even shows the name of your computer or phone it was taken on. Windows has GPS in many apps ON when you install it, most apps on Android on your phone have GPS On when you get your phone...turn them off.This is more info than anyone you don't want to have should have about you. All my applications are free. Comodo security firewall and antivirus, malwarebytes anti-malware, Spybot is exceptionally good. And I use a 'No Coin' data mining app that keeps my computer from being used as a 'Bot' to remotely mine data coin, actually happens to most people and they don't know it. A VPN changes the IP address, your location and personal info, into another IP address to which ever site you go to so your data is not tracked or recognized, therefore preventing you from being data mined. Every site does it.

It's not being paranoid or overly cautious, I'm just some ordiary schmuck sittin on a laptop, but I like my privacy, it's being smart....just read the news...Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapshot, almost every website collects data on you to target market adds ....ever notice when your looking at a website for spinners or something and all of a sudden on another web page you open there are adds for spinners on the side advertisements?.....hmmmmm?

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