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Happy to move to Utah!!


My mom has been working for hours to find a place for me to rent in St. George, Utah. She actually found a small place to rent. Its just me so its perfect. Its only 735 square feet but trying to find a place there is next to impossible!! The city is the fastest growing city in all of the U.S.. Growing at 4%. I'm just grateful cause its so beautiful there with endless hiking to help me lose weight😀 The community I'm in is a lot of elderly so its really quiet. Personally I love the elderly cause I'm also a caregiver! What a great generation😀💝😀 My parents whom I have the up most respect for live like 20 minutes away is great cause I love them so MUCH!! Anyways just grateful!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend😀🙏💝

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Only 735 square feet? Wow that's a lot more than my small home. I am really pleased for you and hope you will be happy in your new home. x

I'm hoping its going to be a fresh start cause there is so many job opportunities. Thanks for you sweet message!!

Hi there! I'm so happy to hear that! Your message sounds so upbeat! It's funny, I can read your message and feel your excitement! So happy for you!!

Hi there lovedogs that sounds like a really small rental but as long as it suits you thats what matters ! If As you say its in A more elderly community it should be nice and quiet all the best and take care david

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