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Bored with life

ik I posted something like this before but I have been really struggling with feeling incomplete even though I'm 16 I do clubs I volunteer but I still feel empty. I hang with friends ( even though i don't have any) I go out (not that much bc as i said i don't really have friends ) I'm trying to make friends (i really do that) but im still feeling this feeling of being incomplete like im bored with life...

I wish i had a friend that i can talk to about this.

or have a friend to spend my time with.

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Hi, i know the feeling. We can talk about that if u want. I’m a friend.


I'm glad your sharing about it here, and there are many who can relate to what your saying. All ages and we all have our issues, try reading some of the others posts and get a feeling of what people are like here, they are nice, and kind...good place to share.


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