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Feeling very grateful!!


Good morning to everyone!! I'm just feeling grateful for family💝💝 I'm extremely blessed to have most of my family super caring and loving. My brother and I are super close. We talk to each other everyday. That alone is a blessing. We're so much alike being that we're both genuine, caring, love all ppl the same, funny and we're both super goofy!!💝💝 So I'm grateful for families support and help over the years. My stepdad said he'll use their retirement funds to help me buy a little place. Id be paying them rent at 800 a month. It would really be wonderful cause the threat of eviction from an apt complex. I've always paid rent so I'd feel good paying them the money to show them I'm grateful for all that they do for me. My mom is even trying to get a loan to get a place. I've got an unbelievably caring and loving family. Sorry for going on and on but just feeling eternally grateful!!!😁😊

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you go right on girl!!!.....congratulations on getting some security....and yeah...having a loving family is really a blessing...I'm glad your happy....great inspiration

Thanks so much that means a lot to me!!

I will be paying them rent cause I'm allowed to make $850 on top of the $850 from social security. So yeah that would help me feel more security. Thanks so much for your message!!

You are very fortunate. My Mom has helped us with money. However the rest of the family seems to forget about my chronic disease. I have no siblings, so not the great support network like you have.

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