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Why hard to breath?


Why does it feel hard to breath and feel like chest/lungs are being held back by ribs when you are having a panic attack? (Physiologically I mean) Like what mechanism caused by anxiety makes you feel that? Because that is a scary feeling. My lungs sound clear, blood oxygen normal, heart rate normal, blood pressure normal, and normal blood pressure. So clearly it is the anxiety making me feel that, but why/how?

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Part of it is muscles around your chest are tightening so it feels like it’s hard to breathe and another part is when u overthink about the fact that your chest hurts or u can’t breathe, it actually makes it worse. Your heart rate will increase and u will feel worse. Best thing is to read why body does that during panic or anxiety and find coping mechanisms. Like deep slow breathing and talking yourself down. “I am okay. This will pass”

Hope it helps.


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