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Health Anxiety?????

Hi everyone, over the last month or so, my panic attacks have been out of control. I recently visited my PCP. She drew blood, gave me an EKG, and ordered a CT scan for me...all of which came back normal. Even after all the tests, I continue to have my panic attacks thinking that I will pass out, have a seizure, or have something else go wrong with my health, etc. If there was something wrong, the doctor would have definitely caught it right? I just need some reassurance. Everyone is telling me that the tests don't lie, but why am I still so scared about it all? Is this really just all the anxiety in my head? Thank you guys for the advice in advance.

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Im right there with you too. Health anxiety. Im just constantly scared and worried even though all I have is low testosterone (which supposedly is causing my fatigue). I think we're both ok since the drs didn't give us any indication to believe otherwise. Its a crappy way to live, to be in fear all the time that something awful is going to happen. To answer your question, yes, I feel its all in your head. Our minds are extremely powerful and can distort the truth, get stuck on the negative etc etc. Youre in good health. Believe the dr and your results. I wish you the best. Hang in there.


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