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I get sudden periods of depression. Is this due to past trauma and stress, or is it a problem??

Hi guys I'm a newbie here and I've had ongoing anxiety/depression and possibly PTSD (trying to get a proper diagnosis). in November things went downhill. I was in a car accident (passenger) that resulted in 2 months of therapy and nerve damage in my shoulder. I experience numbness in my shoulder, and because of this I can't sleep well and sometimes it even wakes me up in the middle of the night. When doing therapy and experiencing numbness it makes me feel depressed and defeated, like I can't do all the things I want to do. Along with the injury, I've been getting constant flashbacks of the accident and I don't like being a passenger in a car. It sucks trying to balance all this crap with college classes and life in general. Lately I've been experiencing sudden periods of depression (one day I'm fine and the next I have no motivation to do anything) and I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this?? I don't know if this is because of the trauma I recently experienced or if there's another problem? I'm hoping to meet with a new psychologist soon, since my issues are getting increasingly hard to deal with. I know this is a lot but I'm just looking for some feedback from anyone with similar experiences. I have serious trust issues and social anxiety so I've never really talked to my friends about it.

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I have been there and I know exactly what your going through I was shot in the back and in my arm and I've been through multiple car accidents. I have nerve damage and sometimes I feel I have drain bamage, ha ha just kidding I'm at work now, let me get home real quick and I'll hit you back.


Ok Maddie I'm back. I'm sorry you had to go through all that trauma. I was shot in the arm and I suffered nerve damage and my life hasn't been the same sence. My hand is partially numb and I had to learn how to do many things. My thumb won't bend and my index finger won't bend. My middle finger is very numb so when I flip someone off it looks like I'm giving them the peace sign. Lol. I can remember that day like if it was yesterday and everyday I think of the girl who's life I saved, even thow she left me three days later to her I am a hero. After a few years she got married and had a few kids. So the pain never goes away in your heart and in your mind but after time the trauma will subside as it did for me. Don't worry you will be ok in time. Talk about it to your loved ones. Talk to the doctors and see if they can repair the damage. It will be ok. Do not get hooked on pills cause that's just going to make things worse. Your body needs to adjust to the change of movement and your heart will heal in time I promise. Talk to your doctor's and tell them everything you are feeling. Well I got to go, I hope this helps you a little. If you want to talk more about it give me a shout I'll be here for you.


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