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I finally got out of bed after two days and went to work. I stopped to get something to eat and maybe treat myself, so I went to a restaurant by my house thinking everything was going to be fine. Little did I know things were not, the food triggered an anxiety attack and I went into a seizure and it was imbarrasing for all. My stress level and my depression is causing me to have seizures I start shaking uncontrollably.

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Are you okay? At home?


I went to work driving for uber. I can feel my seizures coming and I pull over if I'm with a customer I hold it till I get rid of them


OMG Does this happen every time you have a anxiety attack? Have you been diagnosed with epilepsy?


No I don't know what's wrong with me every time I go to a doctor it's something different. It's my nerves when I'm next to my friend Lori I'm calm and nothing is wrong, my life is beautiful, I've never been alone and these last 4 years have been hell, I fear being alone, all I need is a good woman. But my friend don't love me in that way

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Which restaurant did you go to? I'd consider making a complaint if I were you.


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