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New Here

Hi I'm new here and thought I would introduce myself. A little fun fact about me is that I have ADHD. I was diagnosed in the 3rd grade and I have been taking medicine for it for as a I can remember.

I'm 17 and have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was around 11 or 12. (I am on medication for both). My grandmother passed away in 2012.

After that I was hopeless. I felt either sad, numb, or worthless. Like there was nothing good about life. So I went to see a therapist.

While in therapy I began to harm myself. I wanted to die. I was 12 when I began. I would try to stop, but would relapse within a few days to 4-6 months. But I was able to give it up cold turkey. 2018 being 4 years clean.

I have generalized and social anxiety. And here within the past few months my grandfather has moved in with my parents and I, which has been stressful. We don't know each other that well

Since this, my anxiety and depression have gone up. Anxiety being part of my day at least once.

School isn't a great place either. Within the past few days thinking about going sends me into panic attacks. Its my senior year and I don't have classes with any of my friends, which is hard for me bc for the past 3 years I had classes with them.

So I don't really have an escape. Most of my friends work and I can't currently get a job.

But that's me in a nutshell.

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i would disagree that this is you in a 'nutshell'. they are a part of you... but not the whole of you. in your next post, please share a few really nice things about you. like, are you kind-hearted, are you artistic, can you write, are you funny, etc... get my drift? share something sweet and let's see how to support you in a really positive way.


Hi, I agree with Deborah.

We are not are circumstances or illnesses - we are our attitude, our dreams, aspirations....

It's difficult being a teen in our current Age but there are many opportunities for enjoyment and self-fulfilling work. Takes a little effort but worth it in the long run.

Why did you say that you cant work? Also, what do you feel you need an escape from?


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