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6 year old with Anxiety over going to school

My 6 year old daughter has been experiencing anxiety over going to school as of last month December. She used to catch the bus with her older sister(11 years old) in early December she would start to cry when the bell would ring and it was time to go into his classroom. That went on for about a week and a half until we decided it was no longer her older sisters responsibility to have to deal with her screaming and crying to go into her classroom.

I am a stay at home Mom who babysits a 3 year old. My husband thought it would be easier for her to separate from him if he were to drop her off at school in the morning’s. So for another week and a half he would leave his work, come home pick her up and take her to school just as the bell rang. She still will give a hard time to separate and the teachers assistant would need to hold her back.

Here’s the thing usually within five minutes she would settle down and go about her day. We were hoping to have this resolved before winter break came around.

When school began a couple weeks ago in January I began dropping her off because it’s the most realistic thing to do as a stay at home mom instead of my husband leaving work to drop her off at school. Same scenario the teachers assistant needs to hold her back each time I drop her off. She settles in after couple minutes each and every day.

Her in Zaidi about going to school starts from the moment she wakes up crying or gloomy over the thought of going to school. She has not been able to eat breakfast since early December as her and Zaidi causes her great stomach pain in the mornings. Her teacher is working with me in attempts to resolve this. She even placed my daughter at a desk with her best friend in hopes that that would help her to feel more comfortable. she has many friends that run up to her and try to console her when she is feeling this way. The school counselor has spoke with her and do not have an answer as to how to go about this. Each time we talk to our daughter it’s always a different reason as to what the issue is. It’s all sorts of excuses such as so-and-so doesn’t want to play with her, so & so mean to her, so and so he’s trying to take her friend away from her etc.. and the list of excuses goes on. Each time we tried to talk to her or the counselor try to talk to her it’s always a mediocre nonsense reason. Most recently she has told me that she is going to miss me. I’m sure me being the one to drop her off is not the best idea but I know my husband cannot continue to leave work every morning to drop her off at school. I’ve gone to the extent as to packing home lunches and accommodating by dropping her off at school.

We have started a chart on good days she gets a happy face on bad days when she cries she gets X. A collection of five good days will get her in ice cream treat. We have also taken away her tablet a couple of weeks ago so she can earn usage of it as well. This chart is not going well at all. So far for the month of January she has not cried only 2 days.

I’m currently trying to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Any suggestions or ideas I am open to anything. I would hate to have to say I’ve already tried that as we have tried many things but I know there has to be something out there to help her to enjoy going to school once again.

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my Sister had similar issues with my nephew. He would scream and cry everytime she would drop him off. His teachers said he was fine 5-10 Mom after she left and to not worry. A consistent routine that doesn’t focus around that behavior is my best suggestion. Seeing specialist in behavior is probably best just in case it is more than separation anxiety. Good luck!


Yes we have a consistent routine in the mornings. We’ve explained to her no if and or but’s, she has to go to school for another 12 years. There is no avoiding it.

I’m in the process of scheduling an appointment with a family therapist. It’s been a month and a half with no improvement.

I myself find it challenging to say the least


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