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Debilitating Job Search

I'm currently browsing for my first job. As exciting as that may be I'm literally terrified of having to find work in the service industry where customer service is at the forefront of being succesful. I fear how customers may see me and how nervous I am around strangers. Recently I've been getting sweaty and itching all over my body anytime I'm somewhere crowded and think people might be looking down on me. I don't wish for that to happen at a new job. I just want to be comfortable and able to earn a living.

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Why do you have to find work in the service industry? If you don't like being around strangers find a different type of job. There are lots available.

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Maybe you could go to a career center and get some training and see if they have practice interviews as part of that?


Working in a type of call center is good for introverts....I know, that's where I work. :D

I caption for the hearing impaired.


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