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Fear and Loathing in my psych's office

I've been diagnosed for ADD and social anxiety and am currently on medication. However, it isn't working at all. I'm in no way focused on my work and can barely speak a word let alone a complete sentence to a stranger or someone I find intimidating (i.e. the extroverted type who love to start up conversations with their zealous energy ). I want to consult my psychiatrist about this but fear how she will take me lying to her about the medication being an effective solution.

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Hi! I really think you should tell your psychiatrist that the medication isn't working for you. I was in a similar situation where although I was being medicated, my depression symptoms made it impossible for me to focus on or do anything. I was scared to tell my psychiatrist that what she put me on wasn't working but I eventually did, switched medications and ended up doing that two more times and now, the combination of medication I'm on is really helping me live a better life (with therapy as an additional treatment). I hope this comment is helpful in some way and I really hope you can find the right combination of treatment that will really help you! :)


Hello, Your Psych. is there for You, she cannot help you if you are not honest with her. Not all medications work, or the first one may not work. Do not allow your mind to intimidate you. She wants you well just as you want you well. Be brave, speak your mind, I send you strength, love and hugs. Sprinkle 1


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