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Down and out

I broke my foot a couple days ago and am not out of commission for a month. And I live alone. I’m sitting here getting claustrophobia thinking about it. Also my elevator is out in my building today - out of ALL DAYS AND I LIVE ON THE 5th FLOOR. I had to go downstairs and coming back up damn near died. I’m just sitting here like how am I going to do this for a month. Like there’s no way. I feel stuck. I don’t have a new therapist yet so I have no one to speak to at the moment. I have no family in the state that i live in and can’t drive back home to be cared for. :(

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You have a family here in this community, we are here for you. I know how you feel I sprained my ankle a while ago and I was absolutely miserable. It is tougher for you because you are doing it alone. Luckily they will fix your elevator soon and you will be able to get around better, I hope you feel better.

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