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Living with a mental illness

Im writing this post for all those people who suffer from mental illness , as i said its an illness , why cant you live life , why cant you be happy ? People with illness can achieve more much than normal people do , why a blind girl can paint beautifully and she cant see and why a deaf person can sing out loud beautifully without hearing , and people who has no legs or hands are gymholic , they have physical symptoms and mental symptoms due to their life and they dont stop living , so what if you shake or cry in public , go to the bathroom cry and continue your day ! Thats what i do I embrace my anxeity so what would it stop me from living from acheiving my goals , i once stood infront of a class of 90 students and told them i suffer from anxeity no one was mentally ill but they all were happy for my coargeness and standing up so go out there even if ur shaky and even if your heart beats fast and even if you have a thought that you will die soon or you might kill you self and enjoy the weather , walk by the beach or go clubbing even or travel ! Dont stop your self from travelling its better to have a panic attack on a beach in maldives or a moutain view in norway than in your home

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I really love this, thank you 💕happy holidays 💝

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Thank you! You inspired me so very much.

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