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college, depression and anxiety

Hi, I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a few years now. I recently started college and I am having a hard time. I am a social work major. I have no motivation to get my assignments done even though I very much like my classes and want to be a social worker. On the other hand, my anxiety forces me to get good grades. It's hard to explain. I want to be in college and become a social worker but at the same time I have no care in the world and can't find the motivation. Any suggestions?

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My daughter is 12 and suffers from anxiety.She also says that she feels like crying for no reason .I can only guess that depression is now also stepping in.She like you wishes to do something amazing to benefit others.She was diagnosed with something called social communication disorder.-now an umbrella term aspergers in placed in.It has turned out that she has problems with the pragmatics of language and reading non verbal communication.These can manefest in anxiety .you would never know it to look at her .her therapist infirmed me that this is the root cause of her anxietys.Thay will be helping her with the root causes the read non verbal communication and pragmatics of language as well as teaching her how to cope with her anxietys.We will hopefully keep small problems small by doing this.No harm in having a speech and language assessment.look it up and dont ignore it.it wont go away on its own


Thank you so much, that's something I would have never thought of. And I hope your daughter continues to get better!


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