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Tears at the library

Tears at the library

Hello all!

I am new to the chat.

I am struggling with severe depression/anxiety/and addiction. The worst part of all of it is the isolation.

I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and told my family I needed thier help. That did not go well. They dont believe in my issues or the treatments availbe for them and do not wish to participate in my recovery.

I figured, family can be found in people who are not your nuclear family. So here I am wanting to connect.

Thank you for listening.

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Sorry about your family, You are very courageous in reaching out to others. Maybe you could contact NAMI also and see if there is a peer support.


You've come to the right place! We're all dealing with one disorder or another here, and there's a lot of depression and anxiety (my thing, too). Families can be horribly unsupportive. I don't know why. I suspect they are scared that if something is wrong with you, something is wrong with them, and that if you get treatment all the family secrets or whatever will spill out.

It's okay. You can get better on your own. And it doesn't necessarily mean your family doesn't love you. They may be in denial that you're not perfect. It just means they are close-minded and limited. I know that's very hard to accept.

Are you seeing a doctor or counselor or getting any kind of treatment now?


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