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Feeling rather overwhelmed

Hi my names tracey and I was recently diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety which i didn't expect, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and inflammatory arthritis about 11 yrs ago, it hasn't been easy being in pain 24hrs a day and suffering from insomnia doesn't help, but I was managing to get by until about a yr ago when I really started to struggle, I know I should of gone to the doctors a long time ago but kept putting it off partly because I thought I'd snap out of it and partly because I seem to spend half my life going to hospital and physiotherapist appointments, but things finally got so bad 3 wks ago I finally went to see my gp mainly because I couldn't cope only getting 1-2 hrs sleep a night, after a lengthy discussion etc I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and prescribed a 2 wk course of zopiclone and he also prescribed sertraline, I was feeling better when I went for a follow up appointment on Thursday well that was until they called my name and as I was about to enter my gp informed me he had asked one of his colleagues to join us, I wouldn't have minded if I had been consulted before hand instead of being ambushed like that as he knew how difficult it was for me to see him and talk about how I was feeling in the 1st place, the other gp who sat in on the consultation just sat in the corner looking at me the whole time but didn't say a word, this made me feel extremely uncomfortable and for every minute I was sat there the more anxious I became and by the time my gp had finished questioning me I was sobbing uncontrollably, he suggested that it was in my best interest to refer me to people who could help to give me the right support, I later discovered he had referred me to a mental health team for assessment, so I'm not quite sure if I should feel happy or concerned about it, I've got a telephone consultation with them in a few weeks time so I guess I'll know more then, I know I'm probably worrying for nothing but I can't help it as I can't stop thinking about it and what's going to happen next, I don't understand how I've gone from being a strong, confident and happy person to feeling so low, emotional, lacking in confidence and a virtual recluse 😩

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It sounds to me that people (your gp) wants to help you and that's good. I understand sometimes we find ourselves in places we'd never expected and that's scary... However, admitting to ourselves that at this point in our life we need some extra help and support and accepting this help is actually being strong, not weak. You are taking responsibility for yourself and your life. Don't be scared!


Thanks for your kind words and support, I wish I'd gone back 2 the doc's months ago, but I kept putting it off, as I went b4 and the gp I saw blamed all my symptoms on my age, he actually said well u r 48 so it's quite common for women of your age 2 have palpitations, night sweats, fatigue, insomnia and periods of breathlessness,so didn't think there was any point in going back,after struggling for 6 months I gave up and went 2 c a doc, my gp did the right thing referring me 2 some1 who specialises in helping people like me who are suffering from mental health conditions such as severe depression and anxiety, fingers crossed they will have me feeling more like my old self in no time 👍🏻😊


I know it’s hard, and it caught you off guard, but the doctor probably did the right thing. I wouldn’t go to a dermatologist if I had heart problems. The GP is great for earaches, and sinuses, etc. but depression meds work so differently for different people. It probably really is in your best interest to go to someone with experience in this field.

Forgive the GP for not handling it maybe the way he should have; we are all human and make mistakes.

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I know your right and did what he thought was in my best interest, don't get me wrong he's a great gp who really listened and was extremely sympathetic ,unlike the last time I plucked up the courage 2 go 2 c a gp which was a total waste of time,when I described my symptoms and how I felt,he just blamed my age and said u r 48 after all,he did nothing except prescribe a stronger inhaler even tho he said my peak flow was fine,so I'm pleased the new gp has taken my symptoms seriously, I was just a bit annoyed that he didn't consult me b4 inviting another gp 2b present during my last appointment ,as Id explained in our 1st meeting that I get extremely uncomfortable talking about my feelings especially with unfamiliar people and how anxious I get about seeing people and avoid it as much as possible, so if he had let me know in advance that another gp would b present and observing,i wouldn't have freaked out so much as I would have had time 2 prepare and feel more at ease instead of feeling ambushed,im seeing him again in a wk, no surprises next time I hope,as I'm stressed enough about my telephone consultation with the mental health support team in November as I find it really hard to accept that I've let things get me down and I need help to get back on track cuz I don't come from a family who discusses their feelings at all, we were brought up to just deal with stuff and get on with it, so my family would just think I'm being dramatic if I said I'm depressed and they would say that's just part of life so get over it and pull yourself together 😬😩


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