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I have anxiety about my job security. I am so overwhelmed and the anxiety is over whelming. I take anti- depressants( welburtian) should I talk to my doctor about a different medication? What have you done? I am scared my anxiety will keep me from my job. Then that gives me anxiety, I feel like my security is tied to my job. I have been a teacher for ten years and this is my first experience with anxiety tied to my job. I could really use some advice and help with some coping skills.

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Wellbutrin is sometimes prescribed for anxiety, but I have read that it actually causes anxiety in some people. So certainly discussing it with your dr would be good. Can you try some relaxation techniques and thought substitution? It sounds very new-age and may not work in serious cases, but I have used guided relaxation, deep breathing, aromatherapy and thought substitution to at least keep me to the point where I could come off medication.


As a starting point, your school should have access to a confidential employee assistance program (EAP). You can feel comfortable about making a confidential appointment and dealing with the problems with no stigma attached to the process.

The EAP is short-term, solution focussed counselling service paid by an employer, offers an effective means of assisting employees with problems that may eventually affect job performance and personal well-being - designed to enhance your emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing.

While your employer is paying for your access to this service which shows to you that they care about you as a person, as much as a worker. While the contract is with them, the support is for you.

Medication can have side effects and may also stop working or "poop out". Definitely make an appointment with a doctor for a medication review.

As AuntBea pointed out there quite a few self help ideas available. It's really about researching a few and trying them out. What works for one person is not the others cup of tea.


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