Parenting and kids with Anxiety and depression

Hi, I’m new in the community and I have 2 kids; the older has already been diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and PTSD, as a family we are working hand in hand with the doctors, twist in the tale is that today I received a phone call from the school office telling me to seek professional help for my younger one, she might be also having depression and anxiety issues. How do you raise 2 kids with same diagnosis but completely different symptoms? I need support on how to do this

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  • I too have a bit of trouble parenting as well. I have 4 kids 22 15 11 7 my 11 year old has been diagnosed with adhd and major anxiety. I see so much of myself in him. My older 2 sons are with my previous partner. The oldest also is slot like myself it’s hard too see and not know what too do. My 15 year old is nothing like me other than the athletics he is so much like his mother head strong smart as a whip, but I feel I really haven’t had to much to do with his up bringing. He is different. My youngest is my only girl she too is like her mother smart as a whip has so much drive and passion for getting things done. She is why I get up in the morning. My princess. Now I find myself stuck in the garage so I don’t mess something up.

  • Is so challenging trying to have a balanced environment for both of them, but we have to keep going right? How do you manage to keep yourself together? There are times I just want to get everyone into the car and drive to a never ending vacation, maybe that would help.

  • As a child with anxiety and depression, please please please NEVER dismiss your child's symptoms. My parents always told me that mental illness is fake and that if I talk to other people about it then I will be an embarrassment. This has made it so hard for me to actually get help, because I always hear their voices telling me how people are going to judge me for my illnesses. It made me distant from them, turn to self harm and intensified my illnesses. Now this depends on your children and if they want to talk about it a lot, or a little but ask them how they are feeling, if they had an symptoms maybe help find what caused them. Just listen if they need it. I wish I could have had an adult that would have just asked me how I was once and awhile so I did not feel so alone. Fighting anxiety and depression sucks but its 100x worse doing it alone. I know this is super scattered but I hope it helps. I know you said they have different symptoms so try to learn them, if you have to make a list, this could help you try to figure out whats causing it. I think the fact you are supportive enough to make sure they are getting help is already an amazing step as a parent! Just continue that with making sure they don't feel alone or like its their fault for the illness.

  • It sure helps, thanks for your help I’m trying to understand the differences and how to deal with both without clashing, making a list will definitely help me to identify some of he causes. And I really try to make sure they both know I’m there for them, but sometimes no matter what I do it feels that it doesn’t work, but I’m doing all in my power to let them know I love them so much, and I do understand that is not a fake story or that they are just shouting for attention, I do understand is a real condition, is difficult for me to imagine how they feel, but I’m doing my best.

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