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trouble sleeping?

Hey everyone.

Every night I have to go to sleep with my tv on because it works as a lullaby for me. When it's not on, my mind will just keep thinking and thinking and soon I'll start to get very tensed up and have an anxiety attack. And then I'll start thinking I'm gonna die in my sleep so that'll cause me to take longer to fall asleep. Lately not even my tv was helping. It was getting really bad. Was taking me about 3 hours every night to finally fall asleep. The other day I went to Walmart and bought some melatonin 10gm, the brand natrol. I take it a few minutes before bed and omg it knocks me right out!!! As soon as I lay in bed my eyes start to close and BAMB next thing you know I'm asleep. Thought I'd let you all know. Maybe this will help you!!! It also says it's non addicting!

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I take melatonin also, 6mgs at bedtime with Doxepin and it knocks me out. I'm glad its helping you.


That's good! Yes I'm so happy I got it!


I use Melatonin as well since prescription sleep medications were not effective. I also like the benefit of less side effects.


Yes! I love it ! Wish I would've known of it sooner!


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