Love your own type of beauty

Love your own type of beauty

I just wanted to post a raw untouched photo of myself. I felt happy in this moment, I felt adventurous and like the woman I really am. I didn’t post it cause sometimes I feel like you need to look perfect on social media but I don’t care anymore. I felt beautiful and that’s all that matters. Sometimes depression makes you forget who you are deep inside. It keeps me unmotivated sad and shameful of feeling depressed. But I felt like smiling here and I felt happy in this moment.

3 Replies

  • You look lovely -- good to hear you're having a happy moment and I hope you have more and more of them. It's sad that we're under pressure with social media -- it's a bit like having your diary open and all your bad hair days on display.

  • cherish these moments! Do what makes you feel about yourself regardless of what others may think of you.

  • You're gorgeous! I'm so glad you had a happy day and felt good about yourself. I hope you have many more. You deserve it.

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