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Not eating and having lack of sleep

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I've noticed for the past few days I've lve been eating less and less (today I've eaten 1 slice of cake, apples and peanut butter, and a small baked potato, drinking apple juice.) Usually I eat a LOT more. But this day has been really either forcing myself to eat or eating before I pass out. Then there have been the irregular sleeping patterns for about three weeks now, I've waken up in the middle of the night and since being off from my full-time job( I have a full time and part time job) I've gone to not even feeling tired till midnight. Then in feeling an overall sadness/emptiness. I've ended an 8 years mentor friendship. Now around my birthday I especially feel sad, noticing my chest tightening more and feeling a lack of motivation. :( its not fun, but I've had my good points too. Just concerned that there is something deeper going on and that my heart is trying to communicate something through my symptoms.

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