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Citalopram and deep sleeping.. anyone else?

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Hi everyone,

So I have taken citalopram 20mg for almost a year now, and for me it has seemed to work really well. From suffering awful anxiety and depression this time last year to a year later feeling the complete opposite, and there was such light at the end of my very long tunnel. Anyway when I first started citalopram it made me so tired and sleepy so I began taking it at night, which I still do now, )giving myself a full year until I can hopefully cut down the dose and ween off.) I have read that insomnia is a side affect, but I seem to have the opposite problem, I don't know if it's just my body or if it maybe from the meds,

Once I go to sleep at night I seem to be in such a deep sleep until the next morning which would be great if I didn't have a young child, she wakes every night and comes into my room and I have always taken her back and got her back to sleep but these days it's such a struggle to actually wake up that I'm so drowsy I let her in with me, sometimes she climbs in and I don't even here her, it's starting to creat problems as she's getting older I'm desperate for her to get used to sleeping in her own room however every night I just physically can't seem to it. Would love to know if anyone else seems to get the deep sleeping? May help me figure out weather it's just me or if it's the meds

Sorry for the long waffle, tia 😊

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Hi firstly don't beat yourself up about your daughter getting into your bed my son was in my bed when my marrige broke down for about 5yrs. As long as your brain and body are resting and you can get up the next day it shouldn't matter. I'm on a mix of meds and tired most of the time but I tell myself my body is mending and so is my mental health xx


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