When I'm overwhelmed with too much tension and can function enough enough to eat and sleep it throws my body off and my vertigo kicks in. It's hard enough to deal with being stress lets add me not being able to keep my balance or constantly nauseous 🤦🏻‍♀️😢. It seem I can't get a break this week hoping to hide out this weekend escape everything negative because it seems all I'm doing is crying and it's making me more upset.

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  • Sorry you are suffering from vertigo. I also have this problem and it gets quite aggravating. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks along with severe migraines.

  • Yeah that's me most of the time my migraines only get bad when I'm sick but it does suck

  • I get migraines more in a month then I don't. Drs have tried everything there is and nothing helps them. I keep them sometimes for weeks at a time.

  • Yeah when I get them I can't even work and it's hard to function I've tried meds too don't always work

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