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The angel's smile

The angel's smile

The storm is rushing in from behind me. Some days it's full of darkness and cold and some days I want to stand and fight. When I hear her voice from deep within....I FEAR NOTHING and I wear a smile at the thought of this angel. Anxiety, depression, ptsd all of it fades when you can find that voice or that smile or that laugh that makes you forget that you have a problem....when you do your problems seem to fade and when you don't hear that voice, see that smile or hear that laugh the remembrance of those fears and issues come to fruition once again. That one single angelic voice is what reminds me what I have to live for, what I need to fight daily for.....reminds me that EVERYTHING happens for a reason 😊😇

Sitting here up before the sun

Waiting on a beautiful one

Make time to sit n think

As this coffee I sit n drink

My mind takes to a place

Where I can only see the face

Of the angel I long for

And god so much more

When the storm clouds roll in

The thought of that voice makes me grin

Welcome to a new day a new sky

The stars are shining bright

The sun hasn't even peaked yet

But my lord you can surely bet

I can hear the voice in my mind

And it happens every time

Any time I think of a smile

Any time my heart beats wild

Glorious happiness when it's there

Horrendous sadness and despair

Take a backseat to the smile she gives

And I know my fire lives

It was sparked with her eyes

And my smile always flies

At the sound of her giggle

Like an angel with a shake n wiggle

Fear holds back the strongest soul

So all of your fear just let go

Yogi, Boo-Boo and all the rest

Already know this angel is best

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This is lovely. Thanks for sharing


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