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Maybe we'll be ok, maybe every broken pieces will be whole again


Maybe months from now, we'll go over our post and cry about how far we've come, how we got out of that dark place and got our lives back. We'll give advices and tell them not to give up..... We'll tell them there's light at the end of the tunnel

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We will be okay. It hurts like hell right now but these feelings pass and we are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. The symptoms are scary. And it is so scary how our minds are our own enemies. It's kinda terrifying, but it won't always be like this

That is the scariest part the fact that our mind is our biggest enemy, most times refuses to cooperate

I agree. It's scary that our minds aren't entirely in our control... Minds can be so irrational

Our mind is one of the biggest enemies but so is the world. I am tired. Tired of the fight, tired of feeling lost undervalued, misunderstood and taken for granted just to name a few. I am tired of the heaviness of it all. I am tired of the stress the anxiety. The pressure. I am so tired there are days I am so close to calling it quits. I feel like I don't belong anymore here. Like I served my purpose I am to kind, sensitive and understanding and for all of that from friends to close knit family to children to employers and clients it's taken advantage of and who in the end will be here to remember she was the best Manager and Client Rep., we had. I had beat Cancer 2 years ago which was not as stressful or anxious as my life now. I chose this mantra, " I didn't survive Cancer to die from stress and anxiety" but I really feel it's going to happen. Life sucks and then you die. Trust me I have 50 gratitude journals and things can always be worse but noting is worse then feeling this way 24-7 365 days of the year and the additional stress of playing the part of the happy employee, Sister, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Partner I can't keep up the energy. Perhaps this feeling will past as they usually do but each time another piece of my soul is broken and never will return so I am not sure how many pieces are left. I sometimes hope this is me in another dimension watching my old self in the current moment and learning my mistakes before I go on to my new life.

You went through too many things to call t quits now, you kick cancer's through it all you're still here. Yeah anxiety is the worse especially having our own mind be against us but it sounds like you're also overwhelmed which make us see nothing but darkness

Have you talked to any of your close ones about how you're feeling

Just remember they are symptoms, not who you really are. They are symptoms of an illness, like having a really terrible sore throat or horrible, awful headache. The symptoms are scary but if you can keep in mind they are symptoms and not reality, sometimes they will pass more quickly and you'll find some relief. YOU ARE NOT YOUR ILLNESS. YOU ARE STILL YOU, UNIQUE AND WONDERFUL.

I think sometimes i get too overwhelmed to tell the difference. My gad is like half of who i am, it's like this shadow you can't seem to escape

I remember feeling that way. It took so much energy to manage my symptoms that I felt my personality was just gone. But I promise you, it is still there, growing in compassion for what you've been through and gaining a maturity and resilence that comes with hard times.

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It better not take forever to get here

The fact that you know that it's anxiety is a big step already. Before I was told, I thought everyone (women in particular) had racing thoughts all the time. I thought that I was just falling apart with no explanation. Now, when I start to feel manic I tell myself that it's the anxiety and it's not really me. That helps to control the thoughts. I hope that helps too.

Everyday is like a battle between me and my head... i find it impossible to control some thoughts and my gad tend to make me see the worse possible outcome


Possitive thinking thats where it begains

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You're right, believing that things will get better

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If you need me jusy message me and ill be there

Things do get better. I've been down there very, very low but feel I've got a pretty normal life now. Part of it is accepting that I do have depressiona and anxiety and NOT doing things to aggravate it. I found that the biggest trigger for me is stress. I also realized that my own behavior brought on some of these stressful situations so there were things I could control. YES, it can get better. I haven't done anythng particularly special and it's happened for me. I've just worked with my doctor and a therapist over the years, trying new treatments when old whens didn't work. I could feel terrible again and I'm aware of that. I finally accepted I have a real illness that has to be managed, whether I'm having symptoms or not.

Im seeing a therapist now

Im pretty hopeful that i can actually get better


You have to believe it'll be ok. It' s hard at times, impossible even. But without that hope of living a better life and being happy, we lose everything in our life. Through the hardest times hope is the lifeline to hang onto

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