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I'm new here and hoping this will help me cope with this anxiety thing...today, I put my phone away for several hours worrying about a text or call I'd be worried about it for hours. I'm not sure what's normal and how the patterns of my worrying occur. I believe my anxiety has come from a history of verbal abuse and a serious of unfortunate events. it's hard to pin point where exactly it hit but GAD has my name all over it. this is how it starts I could be perfectly fine & that increasingly does of an itch of wonder comes traveling down my spine and from there on everything goes down hill from there, I feel like this is ruining my life.

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Hi and welcome to you, thehumanflower,

I think you might suffering from two conditions: General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and the lesser known Disconnectivity Anxiety (DA)

I define DA as: "a persistent and unpleasant condition characterized by worry and unease caused by periods of technological disconnection from others." DA is associated with symptoms of worry, negative emotions, such as fear, anger, frustration, and despair, and physical distress.

This definition was printed on Jul 27, 2009

Technology: Disconnectivity Anxiety | Psychology Today

and is still relevant, if not more so today.


Dr Google has lots more interesting articles, just type in technology+anxiety.

Both conditions are treatable by seeing a clinical psychologist. Are you seeing anyone at the moment?

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Currently, I am not seeing anyone mainly because I am not sure if I will be attending college in-state or out of state this year, until I figure out that next move. I'll pursue treatment, I've seen an article that suggested a few books to read to help reduce anxiety and reverse " those thoughts". I knew that there was something off about the way I obsessively worry. Did some research and GAD fit me very well. Today I am feeling Mentally exhausted, How are you feeling?


I was feeling crap this morning too. I really had to push to get out of bed and out the door to work. Can't wait for the weekend to recharge my mental and physical batteries - I am a field hockey player :)


Look @ you! out here hitting stuff lol


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